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Petacciato is a town of 3,648 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso.
Center of the Adriatic coast, it stands on a hill at 225 m. From its dominant position it offers a vast and suggestive panorama that extends from the Majella mountains to the Gargano promontory, crossing the archipelago of the Tremiti Islands.
Its territory is spread over an area of ​​2,968 hectares. It has a population of 3,648 inhabitants.


    “… Whoever walks through the narrow streets of Petacciato only breathes quiet and serenity: the view enjoyed from the old village is a concert of bright colors, from the brilliant greens of the Maiella mountains to the Gargano promontory, passing through the Tremiti archipelago, immersed in a bright and clear Adriatic …

    … But the main attraction of Petacciato are the beaches and its sea, which make it a popular summer destination, perfect for those who like to accompany relaxation to fascinating panoramic views, without giving up a touch of culture, history and tradition. The coast is a luminous strip of fine sand, sandwiched between an intense blue sea and the fragrant green of the thick pinewood, suitable also for children. The beach, which stretches for about 7 km, is dotted with various efficient and comfortable bathing establishments, and in some areas has natural dunes typical of the Mediterranean environment … “




The color of an uncontaminated nature that hides a series of incredible discoveries for those looking for something really new on a vacation. A patch of sea in the heart of the Adriatic that offers waters of incredible transparency and comfortable structures, treasures of art and small masterpieces of man.

    The perfumes of the Borgo, the “voice” of the sea, the warmth of the people, the taste of our dishes … these and many other sensations in Termoli!

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    Sailing Club

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What see:

    Cathedral of San Basso
    Church of Sant’Anna
    Frederick’s Castle

Tremiti Islands


The Tremiti Islands (or Diomedee) are an archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, located 12 nautical miles north of the Gargano promontory and 24 east of the Molise coast.
Administratively, the archipelago is the Italian municipality of Isole Tremiti of 496 inhabitants in the province of Foggia in Puglia.
The municipality is part of the Gargano National Park. Since 1989 a portion of its territory constitutes the Tremiti Islands Marine Nature Reserve.
Even being the smallest and second least populous town in Puglia (with fewer inhabitants there is only Celle di San Vito), it is one of the most important tourist centers in the entire region. For the quality of its bathing waters it has been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag, a prestigious recognition of the Foundation for Environmental Education.


    Feel like a sea with crystal-clear waters and spectacular islands where an artist could find the best inspiration to paint a picture? All this can be found in Puglia and more precisely in the Tremiti Islands, they are four islands and some small islets that over the years have been shaped by the wind to offer tourists a unique spectacle.

Walking tours:

    Visit to the fortress of San Nicola
    Overview of the island of San Domino

On a boat:

    Tour of the islands with visit to the caves
    Rubber dinghy rental in the Tremiti Islands


    Blu Tremiti diving center

How to get:

    By ferry (50 ′), boarding Porto di Termoli 10km from the inn


Santa Maria Castelpetroso

Santa Maria Castelpetroso

    “Going through Molise means immersing yourself in nature, ranging from the Apennine peaks of the Mainarde and Matese up to the transparent waters of the Adriatic, from the interesting archaeological sites to the sweetness of small towns, real oases of tranquility.”

The Molise coast

35 km of crystal clear sea (annually awarded with the Blue Flag), wide equipped beaches, thick pine forests and restaurants where you can appreciate the typical dishes of the Mediterranean tradition, which do not disdain the combination of marine and country products.
Molise hinterland

That of Molise is certainly one of the purest and most pristine mountains in Italy.
The Matese is one of the most important calcareous massifs of the peninsula, both for territorial extension and for the richness of the waters. The main tourist resorts are Campitello Matese, a renowned ski resort, along with Capracotta, which has two major ski resorts, both for alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.
Another important mountain range is that of the Mainarde, with deep gorges and forgotten atmospheres, linked to the pastoral world.

Main tourist / cultural centers of interest